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History of Morlands

Introducing the history of Morlands – a story of traditional values and skilled craftsmanship. Morlands sheepskin, sought after for more than 140 years continues to attract people who care about quality.

In 1870, John Morland bought a tannery in the historic town of Glastonbury, a place rich in Arthurian legend. One thing particularly attracted Morland to the town and that was the water, an essential element in the tanning process. It was, he wrote, “of unusual purity.”

Morlands quickly became renowned for the excellence of its sheepskin products; its sheepskin slippers, sheepskin boots, sheepskin foot muffs, and sheepskin coats.

It takes skill to enhance the special properties of sheepskin, its ability to “breathe” while insulating the wearer from the cold. Morlands took exceptional care in the selection and processing of its skins, and in the artisanship of its sheepskin slippers, sheepskin boots, and other sheepskin products.

By 1906, the motor car had become fashionable, but gave motorists very little protection against the cold. They depended on sheepskin coats, sheepskin rugs, sheepskin boots and sheepskin foot muffs for warmth and comfort. The most prestigious were those made by Morlands. Today Morlands continues that tradition and makes sheepskin car mats for the luxury car market.

In 1940, Morlands sheepskin flying jackets and sheepskin boots were essential for the RAF pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. More than that, our flying jackets became a symbol of their heroic resistance. Soon the name Morlands become synonymous with quality sheepskin coats and jackets.

1n 1952 Edmund Hillary acknowledged the attributes of Morlands sheepskin boots. Several pairs were taken on the successful Mount Everest expedition to keep the climbers warm in their bivouacs. The insulation afforded by the sheepskin boots was vital in helping them combat the elements.

The exceptional qualities of Morlands sheepskin slippers and sheepskin boots remain as sought afternow as they ever were. This is why in 1992 the British Bobsleigh team chose to take Morlands sheepskin boots instead of numerous competing boots with them to the Olympics.

What is it that makes Morlands products so trusted? Above all, it is the expertise that goes into all areas of the production process from choosing the best sheepskins for a particular product, to using tried and tested components. The same high standards are demanded of those who make and finish the products as those who are responsible for quality control. We pay great attention to details from first to last; every single item undergoes a meticulous inspection before bearing the Morlands label. We believe our history speaks for itself.

Morlands sheepskin slippers and boots are all lined with real, luxurious sheepskin from top to toe. The finest real sheepskin that lines every pair of slippers and boots ensures winter-long warmth and comfort. Morlands always put quality and comfort first.

Morlands sheepskin slippers remain classics in their own right, renowned for their practicality and long life. Our designs ensure that whilst the heritage lives on, each new collection of sheepskin slippers reflects a contemporary look in terms of subtle changes in colour and styling. In their quiet and understated way, they appeal to an ever widening, discerning and sophisticated market.

Morlands has re-introduced its well renowned sheepskin boots and with them come timeless luxury and comfort that our customers come to expect from every Morlands products.

The Morlands story continues to be a successful balance between modern technology and traditional skills. The result is a label symbolising classic design, quality, and quiet luxury in a quintessential English style that attracts people from all over the world.

The Morlands brand signifies the very best in genuine sheepskin slippers and sheepskin boots.