Want to treat yourself to a pair of elegant, gentlemanly boots?

On our online shop, Morlands not only sell plush comfy slippers, but the finest sheepskin boots for both men and women.

Our Rex Sheepskin Boots for men are made from the finest leather, and are perfect for either casual or more formal wear. Available in sizes 7 to 12, these boots are fully lined with our signature sheepskin, to keep your feet comfy no matter the weather. Produced using brown leather, these boots are ideal for tramping through the woods, working outside or attending a formal occasion, as they’re both smart and tough.

Measuring 9” inches from the floor, these boots can be worn either outside or inside jeans, making them extremely versatile.

On our shop you’ll also find the snuggest sheepskin slippers in a variety of different styles, including men’s heritage, contemporary and formal slippers. These are the perfect gift for any gentleman who loves relaxing in style, and are great for any age group. Timeless and unique, these sheepskin slippers simply ooze class and distinction.

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