Find your Perfect Pair of Sheepskin Slippers

Ladies- are your slippers ready for winter 2016? Or are they looking distinctly shabby, and deserve to be replaced?

At Morlands Sheepskin we offer ladies’ slippers that are a cut above average. Endowed with the highest quality, snuggest sheepskin, they are the ultimate treat for your feet during those grim winter days. We only use the finest possible sheepskin which has breathable, moisture-wick warming qualities.

Choose from our heritage, contemporary and formal range.

We have three different collections: our ladies’ heritage range, contemporary range and ‘formal slippers’, which can be worn instead of dress shoes to formal occasions.

Our heritage range.

Our ladies’ sheepskin slippers from the heritage range are made using a unique turned-slipper construction method. Loved by generations (we’ve been running since 1870!), these slippers are guaranteed to please your feet no matter the weather.

Among our range are these Merino slippers that come in black, fawn and rose pink. The ultimate pair of fluffy slippers, these Merino slippers are both snug and stylish, and perfect for lounging in luxury. Providing breathable warmth without heat, they are a versatile slipper for all occasions.

Why not take a peek at our range of ladies’ sheepskin slippers today?