Irresistibly Soft Sheepskin Woman’s Slippers

Slippers are for anyone who is a connoisseur of comfort. If you love cosy nights at home with a hot cup of cocoa, the chances are you love slippers. At Morlands Sheepskin, we sell sheepskin slippers for both men and women, with traditional and modern designs.

Slip on a pair of luxurious slippers and treat your feet…

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for her, your partner or friend is guaranteed to be pleased by a pair of warm, silky slippers, made with the finest sheepskin.

Morlands Sheepskin know a thing or two about woman’s slippers. After all, we’ve been making them for over 150 years. Established in 1870, we combine true craftsmanship with timeless designs, such as our beautiful Ballerina Slippers.

Make your feet dance with our Ballet Flats.

Adorned with a bodacious bow, these charming slippers are available in rose pink, black or damson. Even you’re caught at home unawares, you’ll still look glamorous in a pair of these. Because of these we consider them the ‘essential staying-in ballet flat’.

Featuring a half-inch heel, they combine cosiness with a classic style and glamour. They are also extremely lightweight, for the ultimate in softness and indulgence. All our slippers are made using the highest quality materials and a unique turned slipper construction method.

Explore our range of women’s slippers today.

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