Keep Cosy With Our Cashmere Scarves

Morlands Sheepskin’s online shop includes not only stunning slippers, but luxurious accessories, too. Our range of accessories includes both cashmere and lambswool scarves in a range of beautiful colours.

Our Lambswools Scarves cost only £19.99 and are available in pink icing, bluebell, zinfandel, tan and coffee bean. It will be your winter companion throughout the colder months of the year.

Our Cashmere Scarves are silky, warm and luxurious, and the perfect present for any discerning man or lady. Cashmere is softer than other types of wool because it comes from the silky undercoat of goats which are specifically bred to produce such wool. High quality cashmere can be much warmer than any other type of wool, so is the perfect material for your new scarf.

Designed to match all manner of different outfits, these scarves are simple, timeless and made from high quality wool every time. Available in a classic palette of colours, you’ll have no trouble choosing the right one to match your coat.

We also sell a range of gorgeous gloves to finish off your outfit.

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