Keep Warm And Cosy With Our Sheepskin Slippers

So far this summer, we’ve had a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Hardly weather for ditching your slippers and wearing flip-flops. If you’re considering investing in a new pair of slippers, now isn’t a bad time!

Why choose sheepskin for your slippers?

Sheepskin is a fantastic insulator, which is why it’s perfect for lining slippers. However, not all types of sheepskin are the same. Since it’s a man-made product, there are inconsistencies in the levels of quality. Density and texture will vary greatly according to its quality.

Morlands Sheepskin only use the finest materials to make our slippers. That’s why they feel so irresistibly soft every time you wear them.

Sheepskin scuffs for cosy evenings at home.

If you’re looking for soft and luxurious ladies’ slippers, our range could be ideal. For the most beautiful Sheepskin Scuffs, consider these Ladies Moffat Slippers. Available in Navy, Rose, Mole and Light Blue, these slippers combine luxurious comfort with well-balance finesse.

They are the perfect gift for any lady with class. All you need is a white long haired cat and a box of chocolate, then it’s the lap of luxury.

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