Keep your Hands Snug with Sheepskin Gloves

Do you want to keep your fingers toasty warm this winter? At Morlands Sheepskin our products are made to offer the ultimate comfort during chilly days.

Our secret weapon is the ancient material of sheepskin, which has been used by human beings since the 1st century AD. With its natural insulating properties, there’s no better material to keep your feet and hands snuggly during harsher weather.

The fibres in sheepskin are also extremely breathable, making it a versatile material which will keep you warm without feeling claustrophobic. Sheepskin can also retain up to 28% more moisture than other materials before it begins to feel wet; that makes it the ideal material for gloves and slippers, as our hands and feet can be sweaty.

Our Men’s Sheepskin Gloves.

Rated five-stars, our Men’s Sheepskin Gloves are both stylish and offer unbeatable warmth, lined with our finest possible sheepskin.

Among our other accessories you’ll find this adorable Flat Teddy Bear, also made of sheepskin. This bear has become popular with celebrities and is the ideal gift for christenings and baby showers. Adorned with a purple bow, this teddy bear is made of 100% Australian sheepskin.

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