Ladies Sheepskin Slippers

At Morlands we are proud of our heritage, nearly 200 years in the sheepskin industry, nearly one hundred years ago we introduced our sheepskin slippers to the nation and we have never looked back.

The secret of our success is quality. We place the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship above everything else, we ensure that our sheepskin slippers are made with you the consumer in mind, you comfort is paramount. It is for these reasons that we have been the nation’s favourite sheepskin slipper choice for nearly one hundred years

We offer a variety of ladies’ sheepskin slippers, from the classic and popular Ayr to the newest addition the ladies loafer. Our ladies’ slippers cover all of our customer requirements.

We have several mule slippers in the range the Moffat and the Merino are part of our heritage range, designed and crafted in the same way that our slippers were nearly one hundred years ago. The Lea is a more modern type mule slipper, offering the younger generation a stepping stone into enjoying the luxury that is Morlands sheepskin slippers.

Another newcomer to the heritage range is the ballerina slipper, a fusion of the classic flat shoe and our heritage sheepskin slippers. Introduced into the range 10 years ago it quickly became a favourite with our old customers and with the younger ones too!

Our ladies’ sheepskin slippers are made from the highest quality real sheepskin to ensure you get great value for money. Using real sheepskin means that our ladies sheepskin slippers will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Although slightly more expensive than the average, sheepskin slippers, they really are a great investment and there is sure to be a style of slipper to suit your requirements.

When you are looking for luxury sheepskin slippers check out Morlands as your first point of call. Morlands specialise in ladies’ sheepskin slippers and boots offering quality in classic designs. We hope our advice for choosing the best slippers has come in useful. If you are purchasing as a treat for yourself or gifts for others, visit our online store today.