Men's Luxury Slippers

When you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, style and versatility Morlands sheepskin slippers are the ones to turn to. With a long history of using only the best quality sheepskin and the finest suede and leather to produce outstanding products their expertise is legendary, in fact it is nearly 200 years old!

Morlands only uses real sheepskin in all of its footwear, there is a reason for this and that is because we recognise the unique properties of sheepskin. Thousands of years of evolution have created sheepskin that completely protects sheep from the constant buffeting of freezing cold windy nights and intense daytime heat. Sheepskin fibres actually “breathe” and have an inherent ability to act as a natural thermostat that regulate body temperature. Furthermore, sheepskin absorbs the moisture around your feet and wicks its away keeping your feet dry all day long. Today, real sheepskin remains far superior to synthetic fibres because of the unique way in which it handles both temperature and moisture.

Morlands has two ranges that may meet all your requirements. The heritage range of men’s sheepskin slippers includes the perennial favourites, the Dunbar and the Lauder which has the finest kidskin leather upper. The Cromarty has elastic gussets make them more comfortable to wear. In our contemporary range there are the Men’s Loafer and Nevis these two are adaptations of the loafer and moccasin but with a Morlands twist or the Bere a modern day scuff. Our contemporary range are all made using a durable sole making them suitable for light outdoor wear.

Let your feet do the walking - but every evening or at the week-ends treat them this summer and keep the cool and dry with a pair of Morlands sheepskin slippers.