Men's Sheepskin Boots

Men aren’t always easy to buy presents for- every year, it might seem like you’re buying ties, aftershave or socks.

Why not get them something different, but equally useful, in 2016?

Morlands Sheepskin could have the perfect gift for your loved-one. Our men’s ‘Rex’ sheepskin boots are wonderfully elegant and ideal for both casual and formal occasions. No matter your man’s taste in fashion they will set off any outfit, and are a classic design perfect for the modern man.

These Sheepskin boots will never go out of fashion and are perfect for all activities, from stomping through snow to working outside in the garden. Giving you man a taste of luxury, no matter what he’s doing, they also look and feel amazing.

Whether you’re a man buying for yourself, or a gift buyer searching for the perfect gift for your husband, brother or partner, Morlands Sheepskin can help. Sizes range from 7 to 12, with each pair lined with the most irresistibly warm sheepskin.

These sheepskin boots have a full length zip and rubber sole with 1” heels, and be worn inside or outside jeans. Costing just £150, these boots should last for years.

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