Morlands first made its sheepskin slippers available to the British public in the 1920s. At first the thought of wearing slippers was a novelty, but soon the nation was gripped with this new obsession and owning a pair of Morlands sheepskin slippers became the norm for every household.

Morlands Men’s range of sheepskin slippers today are made with the same dedication in terms of selections of raw materials as they were nearly 100 years ago. The only way to make our slippers is by hand.

Today our men’s classic slippers comprise of three styles the Dunbar, the Lauder and the Cromarty. The Dunbar is the nation’s favourite, made using our unique silky suede upper material and as with all of our footwear the lining is Morlands signature sheepskin lining with its special properties. The Lauder is the “Lord of the Slippers”, made using the finest kid leather, whilst the Cromarty is unique in that it has two elastic gussets helping it envelop your foot like no other slipper

Each is made after only a careful selection process of the natural raw materials used and as always cut and sewn by hand and finally finished under our strict quality controls

Whilst our slippers are made using sheepskin, this does not mean that they are consigned to the wardrobe for those cold winter months, on the contrary real sheepskin has unique properties which means that they’ll keep your feet cool and sweat free in the summer whilst ensuring they remain warm in the winter.

Morlands Slippers are not just for the winter, stay cool this summer with Morlands sheepskin slippers.