Men's Sheepskin Slippers - The Right Choice

Finding the right sheepskin slippers is not easy, so many choices so many colours, so many companies. What is the ideal slipper?

We know that sheepskin slipper production started in England in 1825 when James Clark started to make slippers from sheepskin that was not suitable for the rug production of Clarks. From these humble beginnings the Clark brothers started to sell 1,000 slippers a month, their first slipper was called the Brown Petersburg.

Sheepskin slippers were re-designed and re-introduced to the UK public in the 1920s and have been favourite Christmas presents ever since.

The styles introduced in the 1920s have remained the dominant styles ever since with a few alterations. Today you need to wary about what is and what is not real-sheepskin. With the increase in popularity of sheepskin there are many slippers that use either synthetic lining or wool lining, buyers must be aware that not everything that looks like sheepskin is sheepskin.

Closed Back Slippers

Closed back slippers are the most popular, as the name implies as well as the front of the foot being covered, the heel is also covered preventing the foot from sliding out giving a better fit. These slippers are to be found in the classic Grecian style. The uppers are made either of suede or leather. Whilst the traditional sole is made of soft suede sole, there has been a move towards making these slippers with a hard-sole and the trend is now to find these slippers with an embroidered pattern / motif.

The Scuff / Mule Slipper

Mule slippers or scuffs as they are called in some places, have fabric which surrounds the foot but the heel is left uncovered. This allows the wearer to easily slip their foot into them and yet still provide maximum comfort and warmth by trapping enough heat in. As with the closed back slipper, men's versions come in either suede or leather uppers.

These are now considered a younger man's article and have been at the vanguard of the popularity of slippers amongst the younger generation.


Made with soft leather or suede loafers have much harder soles compared with other slippers meaning they can be worn outside. Loafers also provide a lot more support for the foot making them an ideal choice of slipper.

As with mules, loafers are the choice of the younger generation.

Whenever choosing sheepskin slippers, it is advisable to select a size larger than you would normally wear to allow for the extra material that sheepskin slippers will contain.

Whatever style you decide is right for you, ensure it is purchased from a well-established sheepskin slipper company. With the popularity of sheepskin over the last 5 years, many companies offer imitations of popular styles, whilst others offer slippers using cheaper material and pass them off as sheepskin. To ensure you are not disappointed always buy a brand that has been around for years, there is a reason for this!

Happy shopping!