The Next Generation - Morlands Contemporary Slippers

Morlands range of sheepskin slippers includes a ladies’ contemporary range of slippers. We have kept our traditional materials, the signature sheepskin lining and our unique silky suede upper and combined then with a rubber sole suitable for outdoor wear.

When Morlands makes slippers, the foremost consideration is the comfort of our users – you. Both the design and materials are selected to ensure you have a slipper that is both snug and pampering but without compromising the comfort and wellbeing of our Morlands customers.

We have designed a range of three slippers for ladies that we are sure will be loved by the new generation of slipper wearers just as our heritage range were and are still loved by many generations.

The ladies’ loafer and its cousin the Bea have both been designed around the classic loafer shoe, we have added sheepskin and a suede upper creating the new generation of timeless classics making them both the ideal slipper to cosying up in front of the television on these cool spring evenings.

The third member of our contemporary range is the Lea. This is scuff, a slide-on slide-off slipper but still using our prestigious materials, sheepskin lining and silky suede uppers. The Lea is the ultimate slipper for luxurious lounging!

These three slippers offer you all the comfort of our heritage range, but with the added advantage of having a hard and durable sole allowing you to hear them outside.

Buying slippers with Morlands is completely trouble-free, and includes free UK deliveries in 3-5 days.