Morlands Sheepskin Luxury Slippers

Morlands Sheepskin Luxury Slippers

After a soggy, but relatively mild Christmas, temperatures have now plummeted. It’s likely you’ve been scraping ice off the windscreen, and slipping on your thickest gloves and scarf.

Now is the season for a pair of the finest Morlands Sheepskin slippers.

Our slippers not only feel irresistible, all lined with the finest sheepskin- they look beautiful too. So if anyone catches you off-guard, when relaxing, you’ll still look elegant.

For slippers that simply exude charm, consider our contemporary ballerina slippers. Elegant and versatile, these popular slip-ons are made of the finest suede. Matched with our super-plush sheepskin, you’ll enjoy warmth and comfort all day. Not only that, they’re now reduced from £54.00 to £48.60.

These slippers will pamper your feet, while giving them a slim, balletic silhouette. Soft as clouds, it’s like slipping your feet on heaven’s doorstep.

Many of our luxurious slippers are currently on-sale, including those for both ladies and men. We aim to provide everyone with perfectly fitting, warm, comfortable and reliable slippers. All our slippers are manufactured inside-out, for the softest whisper weight sole.

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