Sheepskin Slippers - The Slipper for All Seasons

When people think about sheepskin, the first thing they think about is it will keep them warm in the winter. We all know that there is nothing better to keep you warm in the winter months than a pair of sheepskin slippers. After a long day at work and that never ending trek home, the sight of a pair of Morlands sheepskin slippers is so welcoming especially as Morlands only uses real sheepskin.

But what do we do in the summer? What happens to our trusted winter warmer? No doubt it is placed in the cupboard until the clocks go back! But why? Most people do not realise that sheepskin is unique amongst all materials. It has a self-regulating thermostat that ensures that whilst it keeps our feet warm in the winter, in the summer it keeps them cool. Only real sheepskin can do this because of the unique attributes found within its fibres, however, once the fibres are removed from the skin and used as wool lining the same effect is not guaranteed. The miracles of sheepskin do not stop there!

Each fibre can absorb and wick away a third of its weight in moisture, which means that in the summer your feet are not only kept cool, but they are also kept dry! What else can we ask for from our lovely pair of slippers.

So now you know that sheepskin is an all-year round article, go and rescue your sheepskin slippers from the cupboard and let them keep your feet cool and dry this summer.

Alternatively, why not look at buying a pair of our sheepskin loafers with their rubber outsole making them ideal for light outdoor use. They are available for men and ladies in a variety of colours, they will be your prefect companion whilst you potter around in the garden this summer.

morlands_still_life_155.jpg Men's Loafers The Perfect Companion all the year
morlands_sheepskin_28133.jpg Relax this Summer with Ladies Loafers
morlands_still_life_078.jpg Ladies Bea Moccasin for summer and winter
morlands_still_life_064.jpg Men's Bere Scuff Slippers for outdoors and indoors