Morlands Turned-Slippers

What is unique about Morlands sheepskin slippers? People have asked us this so many times, well apart from the using only real sheepskin, the best quality suede and having nearly 200 years of history behind our name, our slippers are made using the turned slipper method.

So what is the turned-slipper method. This is method used for centuries to make shoes and slippers, it can be traced back to the Viking times. It involves making the slipper inside-out so at no time does it look like the finished article. It is only at the final stage when the slipper is turned the right-way around does it look like your favourite Ayr or Dunbar.

Why is this special? Well when Morlands first started making slippers in the 1800s, it was decided that a slipper had to differ from a conventional shoe and had to be an article to relax your feet in. There should be no obtrusive seams or heavy materials used in the manufacture of the slippers. The materials to be used had to be soft and subtle, they had to contract to the heavy and structured materials used in the making of shoes. That is when it was decided that the only way to achieve this seamless construction using soft and relaxing materials was to make the slippers inside out ensuring no seams were visible.

What are the advantages of a turned-slipper? Well we have said it is the only way of using soft materials throughout. This means your feet are completely enveloped in their own personal massage parlour! The softness of the suede complements sheepskin, ensuring that the relaxation and pampering of your feet are the end goal when you slip into your Morlands sheepskin slippers.

We firmly believe that only Morlands sheepskin slippers will give you that cocooning and relaxing feeling, only Morlands slippers will pamper your feet. Why do we say this? Well we have been making slippers for nearly 200 years and our reviews on TrustPilot are a testament that our standards are as high today as they have ever been.

Treat your feet to the pleasure they deserve, buy a pair of Morlands sheepskin slippers.