Online Luxury Sheepskin Slipper Shop UK

The summer is fleeting in Britain, and the colder, wintery weather is never far away. Autumn/winter will arrive before you know it, and once you start to feel the cold then it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe, pile on the layers, pull on the boots, or cosy up in the most comfortable of slippers. Whatever you do this winter, whether you’re venturing out of doors or staying inside, always keep your feet warm and well-protected.

A winter shoe wardrobe isn’t complete without a classic leather boot and a bit of sheepskin, whether in a boot or inside a slipper for added warmth. If you live in your slippers while languishing in the comfort of your own home then a luxury slipper is a wonderful thing.

When braving the elements then a substantial boot is best, such as The Linda Boot and if you’re staying indoors then a slipper with a thick sheepskin lining, such as the Men’s Loafer, will keep your ankles and toes warm. Whether you’re shopping for shoes for men or women, we have a superior selection to choose from.

Are you searching online for a luxury sheepskin shoe shop? UK-based Morlands’ high quality sheepskin slippers and boots have been delighting customers since 1870. Keep your feet warm this winter in a pair of shoes from our online collection.