Relax With Our Men’s Loafer Slippers

Although it’s now mid-summer, it won’t be long before those leaves start to fall. The children will go back to school and the next big holiday will be Christmas. Already the clothes shops are starting to introduce their autumn range.

In other words, it won’t be long before a new pair of slippers is needed…

Like many people, does winter catch you unawares? Be fully prepared this time, with our soft, sumptuous sheepskin slippers.

Why buy your slippers from Morlands Sheepskin?

Morlands are a trusted brand, because of the exceptional care taken in the choice and processing of our skins, and the craftsmanship of our products. We’re proud that our brand is a symbol of design, quality and quiet luxury, while appealing to a wide range of people, all over the world.

With our signature sheepskin lining, silky suede upper and soft suede soles, they are a little taste of heaven for your feet.

Our men’s range of contemporary slippers.

Among our range of men’s sheepskin slippers, are these Loafer Slippers. Available in navy, chestnut, mocha and charcoal, these slippers are perfect for any season.

Suitable for relaxing at home or light outdoor use, they’ll be your man’s favourite lounge wear for years to come. These loafer slippers have been rated five-stars by over 20 people on our site.

Discover more about our men’s slippers.

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