Sheepskin Loafers You can Trust

The loafer has a long history dating back to 1847 when the first loafers were created as a house shoe for the landed gentry. The next evolution of the loafer came in the 1930s when they were made in Norway. From Europe these shoes were taken back to America where they became the must-have shoe for Ivy “leaguers”. The loafer evolved further in America when in the 1950s the penny loafer became a fashion statement. Throughout the fashion conscious 1960s the loafer evolved and became the casual shoe to wear, this has remained the same for the last 50 years.

Morlands has combined its expertise in the sheepskin slipper field with the casual look and feel of the loafer, the outcome is a casual slipper but still retaining our signature sheepskin lining. Through this unique combination we have created men’s sheepskin loafers and the ladies’ sheepskin loafers.

If you are looking for a pair of relaxing but casual slippers the answer is here, the Morlands sheepskin loafers.

Why if the loafer over the decades has been made with no sheepskin lining did we choose to line it with sheepskin?

The reason we have opted to keep our sheepskin lining when making these iconic shoes is that sheepskin has unique properties that other materials cannot replicate. Whilst everyone knows that sheepskin will keep your feet warm in the winter, what is not so well known or appreciated is that sheepskin will keep your feet cool in the summer. Sheepskin will absorb the moisture around it without getting wet, so in the summer months it keeps your feet dry and cool. This unique attribute can only be found in sheepskin, the same cannot be said for wool lining or lambs-wool lining, so when choosing your slippers ensure they are made using real sheepskin.