Sheepskin Mule Slippers

Do you need a new pair of slippers?

Warm, sumptuous and comfortable, our slippers are comforting any time of year. Whether you’re after mule or ballet slippers, you’ll find both style and comfort among our range.

Morlands Sheepskin have been making the finest slippers since 1870 when Queen Victoria was on the throne. This was also the year that Charles Dickens died. So you can rest assured we’ve gained plenty of experience during this time.

Our sheepskin slippers include those for both men and ladies, in a variety of different styles.

In lieu with the fact we were established under Queen Victoria, our range includes these ‘Victoria’ slippers. Available in both black and damson, these slippers are the height of sophistication and elegance, with an enchanting air of opulence. The Queen herself would undoubtedly approved- perhaps she might even order a pair for her 90th?

Or if you love animal print slippers, we have plenty in our range, including these Seaforth Printed Suede Slippers for £74.00. A perennial classic from Morlands, these slippers are luxuriously feminine and feature a plush cloud of sheepskin. Your feet will be on Cloud 9 whenever you wear these.

Do whether you’re after mules or wedge-heeled slippers, you’ll find them at Morlands.