Slip On Our Ladies’ Sheepskin Gloves

Although it’s now April, we still haven’t said goodbye to that chilly weather. There’s clearly a reason T.S. Eliot called April ‘the cruellest month’. Whether you’ve been out walking or enjoying the garden, it’s still not time to abandon those gloves and jacket.

Have your gloves been working overtime this winter? Are they threadbare, full of rivets or scruffy?

Why not replace them this spring, with Morlands Sheepskin gloves?

Morlands make both men’s and ladies’ gloves in lambskin and sheepskin, available in a variety of different colours. All our gloves are made with natural sheepskin, which ensures every pair has the most sumptuously soft interior.

Our Ladies’ Lambskin Gloves come in the following colours: sand, tan, black, brown and chestnut. They’re perfect for wearing when working in the garden, or enjoying those leisurely strolls through the countryside this spring. Indeed, any activity where you wish to keep those hands cosy.

They make the perfect present for any discerning lady or gentlemen, who wishes to both look and feel distinguished. Elegantly crafted and designed, they’re a fool proof gift for any birthday or special anniversary. As a classic pair of gloves, they’ll go perfectly with any coat or jacket.

They’re also perfect for those summer sojourns to Salzburg, the Alps or Iceland. Head somewhere cold, and Morlands will keep your toasty in 2016.