Snuggly Women’s Sheepskin Slippers

Is sliding into those slippers one of your favourite things?

For both women and men, there’s nothing more comforting than slipping into the softest pair of slippers in the morning. They make mornings more bearable and evenings even more cosy.

Did you know, the word slipper comes from the verb, ‘to slip’? It’s thought that these types of shoes originated in the East, although ‘house shoes’ have always been worn around the world. By the 16th century, when you had plenty of dandies about, they were popular with wealthy men.

One of the most famous slipper isn’t of the comfy variety, but is Cinderella’s glass slipper. This wasn’t actually originally made of glass, but was made from gold and silver, with the idea of glass being attributed to a translation error.

At Morlands Sheepskin we sell the comfiest sheepskin slippers imaginable, in a variety of different styles. Our slippers are not only more comfortable than Cinderella’s glass footwear, but look just as regal.

We have a range of both women’s and men’s slippers, including our contemporary, heritage and formal slippers. Buy with Morlands Sheepskin and you have an assurance of quality. With a 9.5 rating on Trust Pilot (according to 959 customers) you’ll be in safe hands with us.

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