Morlands is not a newcomer in the ladies’ sheepskin slipper market, in fact we have been making slippers for nearly 200 years. Our famous Glastonburys range was introduced to the nation in the 1920s and remains as popular today as it was then.

Ladies sheepskin slippers are for all connoisseurs of comfort and style. If you love cosy nights at home with a hot cup of chocolate, then you will love our ladies’ sheepskin slippers. At Morlands Sheepskin, we sell sheepskin slippers for both men and women, with traditional and modern designs.

Our ladies’ sheepskin slippers come in all colours and styles, including the favourites Ayr and Seaforth and a relatively newcomer to our heritage range the Ballerina slippers.

The Ballerina sees the fusion of Morlands heritage tradition with the ever-popular ballet/pump style shoes that are all the rage at the moment. The Ballerina slipper remains true to Morlands tradition, only using 100% real sheepskin, placing the comfort and well-being of the end-user above everything else whilst embracing the style and versatility of the pump / flat shoe. Only Morlands has been able to combine heritage with modern design and produce a world class pair of slippers.

Our Ballerina slipper is adorned with a delicate lace bow, these exquisite ladies’ sheepskin slippers are available in rose pink, black or damson. We have also by popular demand re-introduced the snow leopard printed suede, with a choice of damson or rose binding and bows.

Even you’re caught at home unawares, you’ll still look glamorous in a pair of these. Because of these we consider them the ‘essential staying-in ballet flat’.

Featuring a half-inch heel, they combine cosiness with a classic style and glamour. They are also extremely lightweight, for the ultimate in softness and indulgence. All our slippers are made using the highest quality materials and a unique turned slipper construction method.

Warm and stylish, they bring a taste of the world’s most beautiful dance into your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re also extremely comfortable warm and stylish.

Slip on a pair of luxurious slippers and treat your feet today…

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