Classic Customer Service From The Heart Of Morlands

Since 1825, Morlands has prided itself in what it provides to each and every customer; quality products supported by incomparable customer service, which is something that can be traced throughout our history.

We work hard for our customers, because we know that without them, there simply would not be a Morlands. Although the modern age has introduced a number of new ways to handle customer care, here are five customer service tips that we’ve taken from ‘the good old days’.

5: Look after the staff to look after the customer

An important ethos that is too often forgotten by companies, is to actively invest and look after each and every employee, so that they in turn look after the people who walk through their doors.

In fact, looking back at our Centenary Notes and Reminiscences booklet from 1925, there is an interesting paragraph examining the conditions in the factory in 1884 (right).

Although it took a ‘bold spirit’ to speak up to air their grievances, the speed in which the change was made demonstrated great respect to employees and ensured that even those with less of a bold spirit felt comfortable and confident to speak up.

Image from Morlands' Centenary Notes and Reminiscences.

4: Keep things personal

Even now, in an age of electronic automation, Morlands likes to treat each and every customer as an individual, and works to give each one the very best possible service.

Going through our records, we often find hand written communications that were sent to customers and applicants as far back as 1889, acknowledging. It is clear to us today, that even then, Morlands strove to attend to the individual in a personal fashion. We have maintained this belief and adopt these very principles in understanding exactly what modern customer care should be.

Even today we command a 9.1 rating on Trustpilot with positive reviews still feeding through – you can read them all here:

3: Share company passion

Even from the earliest Morlands Works Magazine, which began publication in autumn 1949, it is obvious from the sports clubs provided to the workers, through to regular company news that discussed the life events of individual employees, that every single aspect of Morlands was vital.

We believe it is this internal company passion that allows our staff to talk so emphatically about our products – an enthusiasm that actively transfers to each of our customers.

While looking back through the history of Morlands, sifting through an array of periodicals, publications and magazines, it is clear to us that the passion felt in every single year, decade and century is just as fresh, strong and evident.

2: Use only the best quality materials

In no Morlands product, from 1825 to 2014, will you find a material that is deemed subpar. From the very first sheepskin slipper, to the last one that leaves our factory each and every day, we strive to produce a product that every single customer will love.

We do this by meticulously researching, planning and testing every part of a product to ensure that every single hair on a slipper, boot or scarf is absolutely perfect from the moment that you take it out of the box.

1: Keep customers up to date

Transparency was absolutely key in the 19th century, just as much as it is today, which is why we always keep our loyal customers up to date with new products, fashions and company news, so that they know exactly what is on offer.

Although the medium may have changed; having gone from regular magazine publications through to emails, we know that keeping our customers informed helps us remember the high standards that our elders set and why we should endeavour to maintain them.

And that will never change.