Christmas stocking fillers

A must have for any time of the year, slippers are the perfect accompaniment to any large gift this Christmas.

Besides offering a great deal of comfort and warmth, slippers are synonymous with British heritage and can be enjoyed by anyone; from the gentleman who reads his daily newspaper in his favourite chair, through to the one who spends his Sunday afternoon clearing up the kitchen for his family.

Men's suede sheepskin slippers

With this very special thought in mind, our slippers are among some of the most highly regarded in the market and offer traditional quality craftsmanship alongside timeless design.

Although here at Morlands, we are well known for our beautiful sheepskin boots, we have also been producing beautiful sheepskin slippers since the 1800s, and this shines through each and every one which leaves our store.

Although modern-day competitors tend to rush their slippers through their factories, we work hard to ensure that every single slipper within our range is perfected to our very high standards.

Men's luxury slippers

In fact, some of our slippers are actually produced using the special ‘turnslipper’ method, wherein each slipper is actually crafted inside out. This timeless production method ensures that all our slippers are delivered with the Morlands seamless finish.

Whether your partner prefers the traditional loafer slipper, which is both comfortable and iconic, or the more contemporary Mule slipper design, we work hard to ensure that there is something for each and every style.

What’s more, depending on how much you are hoping to spend, we have slippers ranging from £99 through to £49, so that no matter how deep your pocket may be, your partner can enjoy a good quality pair of slippers that will last through the seasons.

Take a look at our slippers page to see if there is something perfect for your man this Christmas.

Sheepskin slippers