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Why should I choose sheepskin?

The use of sheepskin for clothing dates back to the 1st Century AD and has since been a mainstay in luxury yet functional fashion. At Morlands, we use natural sheepskin for several reasons.


Sheepskin fibres are naturally crimped, forming a cushioned support for your feet. In outdoor shoes such as boots, this cushion helps to protect your feet throughout the day by acting as a suspension. In indoor shoes, such as our slippers, this cushion acts as a luxurious soft cradle for your feet.


Sheepskin has led the way for premium styles and trends since the 1800s, thanks to their style and function.


Sheepskin has natural insulating properties, which means in cold weather it holds warm air close to the body, keeping feet warm and cosy without discomfort.


The fibres in natural sheepskin are extremely breathable and can act as a temperature regulator, which means in high temperatures cool air can pass through and in cold temperatures warm air is held close.

Sheepskin also has a natural wicking ability, which means that any water is wicked away from the surface of the material, keeping the surface dry. Sheepskin can retain up to 28% more moisture than synthetic material before beginning to feel wet. This allows sheepskin shoes and slippers to keep the wearer’s feet dry no matter what the weather, as well as drawing out sweat from the shoe, keeping them fresher for longer.


Sheepskin is one of the most durable fabrics in the market, and can survive an average of approximately 100 times more bends than synthetic fibres. Its natural wicking ability allows products to stay fresh throughout the seasons, and its high lanolin content makes it dirt and bacteria resistant. The only cleaning sheepskin requires is periodically hanging out in fresh air to retain freshness, as the lanolin itself provides a self-cleaning quality.

Why should I choose Morlands?

Morlands have nearly 200 years of expertise, in which we have refined our ability to select and craft the highest quality sheepskin products. In the past, we have supplied our products to the British Royal Air Force, the first hikers to ever climb Mount Everest, and countless celebrities.

We craft our products with 100% natural sheepskin, which has many benefits [link] such as comfort and warmth. We test all of our products for durability and quality, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service should any issues arise.

We offer a range of products for both men and women, allowing anyone who wants to wear sheepskin slippers to find products suitable to their personality and style. All of our products are affordable, and are an excellent price for the quality and value.

What should I look for when choosing sheepskin slippers?

When choosing a new pair of sheepskin slippers, we believe that personal preference of style should at least partly determine your choice.

Although personal preference of style is the main factor in choosing a new pair of sheepskin slippers, there are a few different options that can be taken into consideration.


To gain the benefits of sheep skin slippers, 100% natural, high quality sheepskin needs to be used. We check the quality of our sheepskin at every step during manufacturing to ensure that the end product is of a high quality.


We have a range of sheepskin slippers to suit a variety of needs. If you intend to wear your slippers for activities other than lounging around, i.e. housework, we recommend that you opt for a hard rubber sole to ensure extra wear time. If your intention is to solely watch TV, lounge and snooze a soft suede sole should last fine!


Morlands have created a range of sheepskin slippers to suit all lifestyles. Our smoking slippers [link] are suitable for entertaining guests, whereas other slippers are more suited for pairing with your pyjamas and a cup of tea. All of our slippers come in a range of colours to suit your personal preference.


 At first, the slippers may feel a little tight but the suede/ leather stretches naturally over time. This does not damage the sheepskin, and will occur whether the slipper is tight or not.

What styles are there for ladies slippers?

Closed Back Slippers

Closed back ladies slippers entirely close in the foot, preventing the foot from sliding out. These are our most popular slippers, due to the comfortable fit and warmth they provide.

Our closed back slippers come in either classic, or classic with sheepskin collar.

Seaforth, AyrBallerinaBallerina Prints

The Mule Slipper

Mule sheepskin slippers encase the front of the foot, leaving the heel uncovered. This allows the wearer to easily take their slippers on and off during the day.



Sheepskin loaders are made with soft leather, and have much harder soles compared to our other slippers. They also provide extra support for the foot, making them the perfect slipper for those who are in and out of the house running activities or chores.

Ladies Loafer , Bea

Slipper Boots

Sheepskin slipper boots encase the entire foot and ankle. They have hard soles, making them suitable for outdoor use, permitted the weather is dry. Slipper boots are particularly warm, and have become increasingly popular with all ages.

Formal Slippers

Smoking slippers began life as an at-home entertaining shoe for the pampered class in the 1800s. Today, the smoking slipper offers a day to night solution as the slipper can be worn both casually and formally.


What styles are available for men’s slippers?


The Dunbar is a classic suede slipper with subtle piping. It features a suede heel, offering cushioned support, and a closed back to offer warmth.


The Lauder is a classic leather slipper with subtle piping. It features a leather covered heel, providing cushioned support for the foot. The slipper features a closed back for added worm and comfort.


The Cromarty is a closed back sheepskin slipper with side elasticated gussets to create an enhanced feeling of snugness. It features a suede covered heel to allow cushioned support for the foot.

Men’s Loafer

The Men’s Loafer is an iconic design which is both comfortable and classic. It consists of a plush, sheepskin interior, silky suede exterior and a durable rubber sole, allowing the loafer to be suitable for light outdoor wear.


The men’s mule sports a timeless, practical design. An open back allows the slipper to be easily taken on and off, while a hidden toe cap provides support and grip. The mule has a flexible, durable sole.


The Nevis is a moccasin design created using the finest, charcoal soft suede. It features a rubber outsole for flexibility and durability, and intricate stitching and cinching detail to create a timeless design.


The Duke is a smoking suede slipper, made with a flexible rubber sole to allow suitability for light outdoor wear. The 1” heel, delicate stitching and sheepskin lining makes the Duke perfect for luxurious lounging.

What styles are available for ladies boots?

We currently offer five ranges for ladies sheepskin boots.


Sandra is inspired by the English countryside and classic equestrian footwear. Standing at 17” high, Sandra features a 1” heel, soft supper leather, and suede panel detailing on the calf. The sole is made from tracked rubber, adding stability and durability.


Linda has a wellington shape and a sturdy rubber sole, creating a durable, weatherproof boot. The upper is made of rich leather, and the leg is made with soft suede panels and an adjustable fastening detail. Linda stands at 12” high with a 1” heel.


Tara is one of our newer ranges, and was designed in 2013 to give a modern, contemporary twist on our classic boot design. The three studs allow the boot to be worn up, making a height of 9 ½”, or transformed into a stylish ankle boot. The sole is made of flexible, tracked rubber.


Anna is an ankle height sheepskin boot suitable for year round comfort. The lightweight rubber track sole provides both durability and a flexible grip without adding weight to the boot. Anna is made of delicate suede, ensuring it is weatherproof but suitable for warmer temperatures. It features a double zip fastening for style and ease.


Amy is inspired by the English countryside, and based on our much loved original aviator pilot boot. The upper is made of supper leather and the leg is made of soft suede. Amy stands at 12 ½” high, including a 1” heel.

How much is delivery?

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