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Morlands Sheepskin Slippers and Sheepskin Boots

Morlands has been renowned and respected for its high quality sheepskin slippers and sheepskin boots since 1870. Our customers love Morlands for the quality and excellence its materials, designs and craftsmanship.. 

The Morlands collection of sheepskin slippers for men and women includes the traditional Morlands turned-slipper styles in rich hues of Damson, Navy, Mocca and Chestnut. These slippers are part of Morlands' heritage and signature, they are still hand-made inside out with soft suede soles and then turned and finished by hand. 

We believe that feeling snug and good is important and Morlands sheepskin slippers and sheepskin boots are also made from the finest quality sheepskin lining and collars and silky suede uppers, offering the ultimate in warmth and indulgence. Perfect fit, comfort, warmth and practicality are the hallmarks of Morlands designs. 

Our sheepskin slipper collection for men and women includes new contemporary styles such as   sheepskin loafers, and sheepskin mules,made with flexible rubber soles making them suitable for ligt outdoor use. 

This trend has been extended to embrace three hard sole  embroidered sheepskin slippers and toe-cap ballerina sheepskin slippers , the Duke and the Victoria have embroidery to satisfy the smoking slipper image. 

Timeless designs and superior quality makes Morlands sheepskin slippers the perfect gift. Morlands has been loved for years by many generations and our sheepskin footwear evokes a sense of nostalgia. Perennial classics include AyrSeaforth and Dunbar. New additions to this classic sheepskin slipper collection include Moffat and Ballerina for ladies and Cromarty and Lauder for men. These new, stylish sheepskin slipper designs are made with the same passion and expert craftsmanship that Morlands exudes.

Morlands sheepskin boots are designed to be comfortable, stylish and practical. Trusted by generations, including the conqueror of Everest Sir Edmond Hilary, our sheepskin boots are designed to protect you from the elements. Warm, protective and hard-wearing, our sheepskin boots offer the ultimate in comfort and reflect the Morlands hallmark of quality and expertise. Our women’s sheepskin boot collection includes ankle boots, mid-calf length boots and knee-length boots. The classic sheepskin riding style boots are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Morlands lambskin gloves are the ultimate accessory for warmth and luxury. Our collection of men’s and ladies gloves are available in a range of styles and colours, hand crafted from the finest quality sheepskin. The collection includes sheepskin gloves, lambskin gloves and cuff lambskin gloves.

At Morlands we pride ourselves on being experts in design and craftsmanship. Our prevalent history in the sheepskin industry allows us to design sheepskin boots, slippers and gloves that are practical and luxurious, meeting the needs of our customers. We maintain traditional values whilst offering our customers new, contemporary designs of sheepskin slippers and sheepskin boots which still promise to be luxurious, warm and indulgent. Trusted by generations, Morlands remains a symbol of design, quality and quiet luxury.